Estelle Moseley

Estelle Moseley

Guernsey Estelle Moseley Guernsey, Guernsey

Style Conceptual

Subject Portrait Still Life

Medium Digital

Estelle is a photographer and artist based in Guernsey. She predominantly works with photography and the visual image, however painting, drawing and language are often key parts of her creative process.

About Estelle Moseley

Estelle Moseley is a project photographer currently exploring a series about the relationship that we have to productivity and the tantalising blue light of our devices. In this modern age, we have no choice but to be surrounded by this blue light; it is beautiful yet destructive simultaneously. In this ongoing project, Estelle often presents this idea through self-portraits; dancing with a light box, her movements are bathed in light, forming a flirtatious dance between the human and the device.

One ongoing feature of her work has been photographing in the home and confined spaces. In her final major project for her photography Bachelor's Degree (2019), Estelle explored the dynamics of the space and human perception by using lighting and angles to influence the way that an environment is perceived. This appears in her more recent projects, where she often shoots her projects in her home, again changing the way that a 'familiar' space is perceived.

Artworks by Estelle Moseley