Gabrielle Radiguet

Gabrielle Radiguet

UK Gabrielle Radiguet Buckinghamshire, UK

Style Abstract Figurative

Subject Landscape Nature

Medium Watercolor on Paper Ceramics

Gabrielle Radiguet is a Jersey born artist who is now based in the UK where she continues to explore an eclectic mix of creative endeavours.

About Gabrielle Radiguet

Primarily a painter, Gabrielle has always had a fascination with the landscape which never ceases to inspire a sense of awe and wonder. Alongside painting, she also experiments with cyanotype prints and working in clay as resident potter at Turvey Monastery, a small Benedictine Abbey in Bedfordshire where she has also been writing a series of icons.

Gabrielle teaches art and craft classes for adults and children, with a special interest in working therapeutically. More recently she has delivered a series of workshops inspired by The Artist’s Way.

Her work is held in a wide variety of private and public venues across the UK, USA, Australia, France and Jersey. She is currently collaborating with her husband to create a childrens’ book that draws its inspiration from the stained glass windows of Jersey’s churches.

Artworks by Gabrielle Radiguet