Irfan Ajvazi

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Germany Irfan Ajvazi Stuttgart, Germany


Subject Landscape People

I usually compare this to traditional sketches. I take snapshots, without looking for a special photo. I photograph a motif or figure that catches my eye and interests me. When I paint a picture, it is then that I compose—I find a figure interesting and search for something that goes together with it. At the end, the work is put together from different sources. The medium of photography plays an important role, of course, since it allows you to capture moments you could otherwise not capture — simply because of the speed of the camera. But at the same time, it is difficult to distinguish, since the artistic process is influenced by a number of things — things that have influenced me, such as film, commercials, media in general and art history.

About Irfan Ajvazi

Irfan Ajvazi is a visual artist, sculptor, draftsman, photographer, and printmaker based in Europe working in the field of painting, sculpture, drawing and new media. His artworks can be described as minimalist and intimate, as he investigates the concept of presence. In 2019, he graduated with the title of Master of Education in Fine Arts from the Logo Design Institute in Switzerland with the specialization in the graphic design, drawing, painting, and sculpture.

He works in the media of installation/sculpture, photography and drawing.

Artworks by Irfan Ajvazi