Jane Munro

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UK Jane Munro Bristol, UK

Jane Munro is an image maker that lives through her work. It is as existential as the air she breathes.

About Jane Munro

Jane Munro is a professional photographer with a BA in Film and Photographic Arts from Westminster University ( formerly PCL) and has had a long career in advertising and design. In recent years she has turned to more creative processes and has put past experience into flourishing as an artist and expanded her possibilities to communicate. The vicissitudes of life combined with travel to India on numerous occasions, South America and Mexico, have added to the rich and growing universe of her visual imagery that frequently focuses upon the natural environment. Influences are many and diverse from Piero de la Francesca through to Robert Motherwell, from Bosche to Warhol, Hitchcock, Carol Reed, Edward Weston, Miro, Dali, Vermeer, Winnigrand, Constructivism, Breton and so on and on. Much of her work features montage which she was practicing from the 1990s using a Sinar 5x4 plate camera but was given a new avenue with the advent of digital imagery. Her photography is as complex as her character. Sometimes her work strays into other media such as watercolor and ink drawings.

Artworks by Jane Munro