Liam Nunn

Liam Nunn

Jersey Liam Nunn St. Helier, Jersey

Style Pop Art

Subject Portrait People

Medium Digital

Jersey (UK) based Animator and Designer exploring art, creativity, colour, shapes, rhythm, my face and behind my face.

About Liam Nunn

Liam Nunn is a creative free radical and gunslinger of pretty pixels who commands the Adobe Suite like nobody's business. Though, of course, it is his business. One decade of smashing the creative industry with aplomb, working with many brilliant people on oodles of ravishing campaigns – including multiple nationally recognised ones, he might add. Dangerous skills in the art of enlarging logos and making it pop! He is not a robot. He may be a wizard.

Liam Nunn on 52 faces #SELFPORTRAITPROJECT:

Before I embarked on this project I had not achieved creating a piece of art in over two years. And though I work in the creative industry as an animator/designer it still seems like a big sloppy waste! It is in part that I am busy, life is busy, but it’s probably mostly because I pressure myself to always do my ‘best’ work. It’s a burden trying to please me, those who know me know that! But that critical eye can stay for marketing strategy meetings. My art must exist and run free like a nude and fabulous gazelle. Time to shift focus from not-doing in case it’s not perfect – to do because I like it and it’s fun, and who cares what the outcome is. This is the starting point, one self-portrait a week for a year. 52 me’s. Exploring art, creativity, colour, shapes, rhythm, my face and behind my face.

Artworks by Liam Nunn