Oliver Doran

Oliver Doran

Jersey Oliver Doran Grouville, Jersey

Style Fine Art

Subject Portrait People

Medium Black and White Digital

I shoot people. Wanna get shot?

About Oliver Doran

I'm a portrait & advertising photographer working between Jersey, London, Paris and Dubai.

I love cinematic and theatrical imagery mainly of humans but also, as any professional photographer, I delve into other areas of the photographic world including; product, food, interiors and architecture.

I endeavour to shoot timeless images that work today and in a 100 years and avoid using fad techniques that date the images. One can only guess where technology will lead us but the art in the humanity will never change. Our eyes on a piece of art, a portrait and the emotion we derive should remain as relevant today as well as in 100 years time or even a 1000 years time.

Having lived in Dubai UAE for the last decade, I return to my roots here in Jersey and enjoying capturing local personalities mixing influences from the graphic and bold portraiture of Platon and the fashion and audacious style of Helmut Newton.

Being a strong advocate of organic creativity, I pay special attention to lighting and mood to capture flattering elements of peoples personalities and enjoy immortalising milestones in peoples lives.

I love to travel, meeting new people and appreciating cultures different from my own - this really excites me. My time in the Middle East was packed with weird and wonderful people from all warps of life. When I first embarked to work in Dubai, it felt I had touched-down on Tatooine, a planet full of hungry aliens and I was the Han Solo of the photography world.

I've worked with the Royal families of Bahrain and UAE, an honour that I cherish, photographing the Princess of Bahrain's wedding to the Prince where I was the only man in a ball room of 2000 women. I also work with celebrities whom I think appreciate my calming yet relaxing and direct approach to my portraiture.

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