Glen Perotte: 2020, A Year in Vision

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15 Dec 2020 - 29 Jan 2021

12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

CCA International

10 Hill Street
JE2 4UA St Helier

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Organized by CCA Galleries International

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An exhibition of 55 high definition portraits taken throughout the year. The exhibition is about its' subjects and is accompanied by their reflections on 2020. The C-type prints combine 6 high resolution prints to give a very honest, detailed and candied look at the sitters. A book of the exhibition is also for sale, with all proceeds going to Jersey Hospice.

Essentially, the exhibition is a visual study of 'being human'. Each portrait is accompanied by a written reflection by its' subject. The diversity is heartening and the narratives offer a candid depiction of existence - evidence of the commonality of reflection and aspiration, and the transcension of differences.

This year will always be associated with a global pandemic, but it might also have been remembered for climate change, Brexit, the global movement for racial justice and the US election. The work testifies to both the year's unique importance and the continuum of human experience. It celebrates both the universal and unique, the general and specific, the extraordinary and the mundane, preoffering an intimate yet public account, and convincingly demonstrating that the documentation of history need not be confined to written literature.

Glen Perotte is an international photographer based in Jersey. He has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and US including the Barbican and the Morean Arts Centre, St Petersburg, FL. He has had regular honorable mentions at the International Photography Awards, California and was a finalist at the National Geographic 'World in Focus Awards' in the US.

The 2020 project evolved from a similar technique Glen used to document a community in Florida 10 years ago. The new work reconciles the aesthetic with significant advances in photogrpahic technology and the art of realism. Using a technique that employs multiple exposures and differing focal points, the images are combined to create a new form - hyper realistic portraiture.

Images © Glen Perotte

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