Jane de la Haye

Jane De La Haye

Jersey Jane de la Haye St. Helier, Jersey


Style Abstract Conceptual

Subject Architecture Beach Geometric Landscape

Abstract and conceptual are my true loves.

About Jane de la Haye

Jane de la Haye started to paint/draw when she was a teenager. She continued whilst doing her Registered Nurse training and for a while after she qualified. Just about all of it was conceptual or abstract or a combination of both. "When you can't talk about situations off ward or wouldn't in my personal and surrounding life, it really helped me to take them on board, draw about them, put them to one side in my art folder and put the situation in a file at the back of my mind, to be an experience on the great curve of life, not a burden."

Jane de la Haye has no formal training whatsoever. She was thrown out of art classes aged 14 after telling the teacher her classes were boring and repetitive. Frustrated at not being able to draw and paint what I wanted to. As with many who have a passion, it gets lost in life. Then all of a sudden, having taken early retirement from nursing, children leading independent lives in their own homes, she again had time. At first, Jane dabbled, experimented until very quickly she found her own style. Almost drowning in the magnificent beauty and history of Jersey, she painted iconic buildings, landmarks, wonderful views. Jane draws from photographs so that the landscape and buildings are as close to reality as possible. Then she goes a bit bonkers with the colours, especially the skies - the reality with a twist.

Artworks by Jane de la Haye