Lisa MacDonald

Lisa Macdonald

Jersey Lisa MacDonald St Helier, Jersey


Permeating the boundaries between containment, fragmentation and release.

About Lisa MacDonald

Lisa MacDonald is an artist, painter and maker currently based in Jersey, Channel Islands.

No matter what Lisa has put her mind to in her multi-faceted career, she has brought her creative flair to every single aspect of her work. With decades of experience in illustration, textile art, teaching, fine art practice and most recently design and entrepreneurship, Lisa is an experienced and knowledgeable artist who has confidently honed her craft over decades of making and exhibiting work locally and abroad.

Lisa MacDonald’s paintings permeate the boundaries between containment, fragmentation and release. Her work interrogates what it means to shore oneself up, excavating harsh truths about who or what we need to find calm amidst chaos. The artist invites but also subverts references to home and family life in an attempt to question our constant search for comfort both in our bodies and in our dwellings. Her work positions the act of painting as world-building, with each canvas concealing and revealing itself in equal measure. Currently preoccupied with the motif of glass bottles and vases, MacDonald’s work simultaneously inhabits the micro and the macro – as it oscillates between pain and pleasure, the familiar and the unknown, entrapment or escape.

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