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Whether writing under her own name or taking on a satirical character's voice, Martha brings humour and intelligence to everything she writes.

About Martha MacDonald

As a playwright, magazine journalist and comedy poet, Martha MacDonald’s writings take a wry look at current affairs, popular culture and the day-to-day struggle of being a full-time plant mum and permanently anxious millennial.

Currently working as a freelance writer based in Jersey, Channel Islands, Martha has several years’ experience as a news reporter and magazine columnist.

As a playwright, Martha has worked as a writer in residence with theatre companies such as RIFT and Paines Plough. Martha’s plays are fascinated with returning to tropes and stories an audience may think they know everything about and digging a bit deeper to find nuance and humour in characters who have been taken for granted or underestimated.

Her poetry, which she performs on her up-and-coming Instagram channel @marthawrites, gets under the skin of stereotypes; problematising and making fun of human behaviour on both the personal and political scale. She writes about anything and everything from a spot she once had on her chin to the way gender stereotypes operate in literature.

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