Yulia Makeyeva

Yulia Makeyeva CWA Writer

Jersey Yulia Makeyeva St Helier, Jersey

Style Abstract Conceptual

I like to push the boundaries of the ordinary.

About Yulia Makeyeva

Yulia Makeyeva is an emerging multidisciplinary artist. She grew up in Russia and is now based in Jersey, Channel Islands. With a Linguistics degree, an education in Art History, silversmithing and jewellery making background, she turned her full attention to art in 2019. Yulia has always used photography as a means of observing textures, patterns and shapes from everyday objects, constructing unique, sometimes unexpected images.

Her art practice received great support and development at a 3-month intensive Art Portfolio course in London where she experimented with different mediums, spanning photography, installations, video, collage, printmaking and traditional domestic crafts. She continually seeks and displays beauty through her work by arranging a contrasting array of materials from the household, industrial to organic matters collected outdoors into abstract forms. By often reducing her means to a minimum, she creates a compelling image evoking multiple meanings. Being interested in concepts of memory, responsibility, stereotypes, borders, boundaries and multiculturalism, she is also working on a range of projects involving historical research. Another artist’s interest is to document various states of human relationships, including personal life experience.

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