A Note From The Founder

Note Founder Ym

We like what we know

Undoubtedly, art is cosmopolitan by nature, and the term local solely implies that the artist resides somewhere nearby. Since artists always draw inspiration from what’s around them, it is exciting to see how others interpret and respond to the same environment.

We usually don’t witness the process of art making and only see the final piece. By being able to connect to and with artists directly, we get an insight into their practice, whether it’s their sketches and preparatory work, choice of materials, tools or medium. Through such personal connection, we can learn to appreciate the art, discover the exciting and challenging artists routines and honor their dedication. 

What is your story?

Every artist has a story to tell. Meeting and collaborating with other artists is vital. While art style and preferences can be as opposite as political views and spark heated debate, the art is a safe and rewarding battleground.

As an artist, I know how important it is to be able to connect to likeminded people, to share ideas and receive constructive critique. These connections build motivation, allow to share resources, inspire collaborations and most innovative ideas.

Art = Magic?

Art has a magic power to connect not only artists but the community as a whole. Galleries, museums, archives, charities, educational institutions – they all contribute to involving members of the public to interact with art on all levels.

Art is everywhere. It inhabits the urban landscape as well. Art gives a unique character to public spaces, provides a solid base for building relationships within the community, and can resolve particular social issues. A Percentage for Art scheme, introduced in Jersey, is an excellent incentive for new developments to commission work or public art by local artists. 

The eye of the beholder

The beholder completes the art. Therefore, it is essential to make art visible. By putting art in focus, we can grow Jersey social capital and make our island even more beautiful. 

Supporting local artists does not only mean buying or commissioning their work. It can just be a word of mouth or a share on social media. You can support your local artists by visiting exhibitions, workshops or events or maybe even by showcasing the artwork on your premises, or providing space for pop-up exhibitions and art studios.

Dear Artists!

You are the reason this website was created.

Submit your art, connect with your fellow artists, admire their artwork, initiate a studio visit or workshop, participate in open calls and critique sessions. 

Dear Art Lovers!

You are the reason this website will exist.

While browsing through our website, you can look at artists profiles and their artwork, connect with them online or live by attending events or workshops.

We at Connect With Art aim to bring local artists and art lovers together.

Get to know us and become a part of our art community. 

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