Introducing Connect With Art – Exhibition Space and Our First Self-curated Art Show ‘Synonym’

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Synonym Exhibition

It’s been 8 months since my first note and the beginning of Connect With Art. During this time, Connect With Art has begun serving its purpose by spreading awareness about the local artists and the art community. I was able to meet with and learn from many interesting artists. Listening to their stories inspired me to undertake new endeavours.

In June, I’ve completed an Arts and Design Foundation Course at Highlands College. And while challenging, it was an enriching experience. For my final project, I’ve created an installation that explored one of the most important themes for me, personal and collective memories.

Connect With Art – Exhibition Space

Furthermore, I was very fortunate to set up an amazing studio space located at 23 Beresford Street, previously occupied by Studio 18. After a few months of renovations, I’m very excited to continue my work and artistic endeavours there. Additionally, the studio will be available for rent (partially or fully) as an exhibition space for art shows and other art-related events starting mid-September. Apart from a special arrangement for students and charities, I will also explore sponsorship and patron opportunities within the Jersey art supporting communities and businesses with micro sponsorship options.

Connect With Art Studio
Connect With Art – Exhibition Space

Self-curated art exhibition ‘Synonym’ by Laura Skelton, Tim Le Breuilly and Tom Parker

Today, I’m very excited to announce our first self-curated art exhibition ‘Synonym’ in the Connect With Art Exhibition Space.

‘Synonym’ is an exhibition featuring three painters who are fans of abstraction from the previous century. Here the artists explore the dialogue between their own practices and respective lexicons with reference to the modernist canon. Abstract painting has long been posited as language; with each proponent developing works through their own schemata. A call and response of mark making subject to selection, editing and syntax. The individual freedom of abstraction is celebrated herein. The artists take a plunderous approach to influences such as the ‘St.Ives School’ on their search for the volcanic turbulence of light and colour.

‘Synonym’, a self-curated group show of three Jersey based abstract painters: Laura Skelton, Tim Le Breuilly and Tom Parker.  I worked with Tom and Tim, the duo from the Luddite Press, on one of my printing projects. I met Laura Skelton in April and was absolutely charmed by her story and her artwork. The artistic chemistry between the three artists sparked immediately, and the idea of a group exhibition was shaped.

Witness the artistic spark by visiting the art show ‘Synonym’.

7th – 20th of August 2021

Opening Day 6th of August 2021


Synonym Poster