Impressions from the Synonym Exhibition

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Synonym exhibition features three Jersey-based painters, Laura SkeltonTim Le Breuilly and Tom Parker, who are fans of abstraction from the previous century. Here the artists explore the dialogue between their own practices and respective lexicons with reference to the modernist canon.

Abstract painting has long been posited as language; with each proponent developing works through their own schemata. A call and response of the mark-making subject to selection, editing and syntax. The individual freedom of abstraction is celebrated herein.

The artists take a plunderous approach to influences such as the ‘St. Ives School’ on their search for the volcanic turbulence of light and colour.

It’s great to see our work on the walls together in this new space. One visitor’s comment “proper art in a proper space” completely sums up the standard to which the Connect With Art space has been refurbished and having our work in here as the first show is an exciting opportunity. Finally showing the work Tim, Laura and myself have talked about together for the past 6 months concludes the project and to have it so well received is brilliant.

Tom Parker

Stop by at the Connect With Art – Exhibition Space between 12 pm and 8 pm to visit the exhibition and meet the artists.

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